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United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates
Dubai Marina Day After a completely decadent 24 hours, we decided to try to work some of it off with a walk around the beautiful Marina.  Grosvenor House in the daytime.
Today was much calmer as the winds and sand storm had subsided.  While Mrs. SFO777 relaxed in our suite, I headed up to the main lodge for 4x4 sand dune experience with our Al Maha guide Brett.  Nice early morning spread of coffee, juices, pastries and more. And we're off from the lodge across the desert...
We woke this morning to what appeared be very hazy skies but turned out to be sand, or as my iphone weather app noted "Dust".   We met our driver in the Four Seasons lobby and headed out for the 90 minute drive to Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa inside the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.   This was cool as we'd never experienced or been in a sand storm. Is really seemed pretty much like blowing snow in colder climates.
Fortunately there was an available taxi as we exited the lobby of the Armani Hotel at the base of Burj Khalifa, as we made the slow trek back to The Four Seasons.  Amazing amount of construction as Dubai preps for Expo 2020.  But they need a plan to deal already ridiculous traffic. 
We'd never been to Burj Khalifa so decided that this was the trip and today was the day, despite the overcast skies.    ​