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Private Jet to New York

Private Jet to New York
Private Jet to New York
Back to Denver in United First Class
June 2023

Since I landed at Teterboro around 2:30pm, I only had 3 hours before my Blade helicopter flight to Newark and my 8pm United flight back to Denver. Fortunately, there wasn’t much traffic along the way and thru the Lincoln Tunnel to the new Hudson Yards complex at West 33rd and 10th. 

Hudson Yards complex at W. 33rd and 10th Avenue.

Lunch today is at Estiatorio Milos, the newest outpost of Costas Spiliadis who opened his first Milos more than 40 years ago in Montreal. Excellent service and a delicious and reasonable $45 prix fixe lunch.

 And then up to the 101st floor via the secret PEAK elevator... one of the coolest elevator that I have ever ridden. Really fast and smooth for the 100 floor climb. But the best part was the amazing HD video walls that showed wonderful videos of the New York skyline and neighborhood scenes with music. Simply awesome.

Instagram video of the ride.

The 101st floor and PEAK, a wonderful bar and restaurant with amazing views of New York. And access to the outdoor viewing terrace and platform on the 100th floor. Great views on a perfect 80 degree afternoon.

One of the PEAK's signature cocktails...





Fortunately, the City Climb was fully booked today.  LOL.

A great view of the W. 30the Street heliport where my Blade helicopter departs in about 30 minutes.

Instagram video of Hudson Yards and lunch at Milos

And Instagram video of Peak and the view from the top of Hudson Yards.

BLADE helicopters is a fast and convenient way to beat horrendous NYC traffic and travel between Manhattan and NYC airports as well as The Hamptons. Blade was the reason that I picked Hudson Yards for lunch and sightseeing as it was a short 5 minute walk to the West 30th Street heliport and Blade’s terminal. Flight time to Newark today was 10 minutes and the views along the way were spectacular. And less than 5 minutes after our EWR arrival, a BLADE limo dropped me off at United’s Terminal C. Blade is a great way to travel between JFK/EWR and the City. And reasonably priced at just $195 after discounts.

The view from the W. 30th Street heliport back to Hudson Yards buildings...

Pleasant Blade West Lounge.

Check-in and open bar...

G&T while I wait to board.

As the first passenger out, I requested the co-pilot's seat.  Very cool.

And we're off for the short 10 minute flight to and over EWR.  With great scenery along the way.

Approaching Newark Liberty International...

We landed 10 minutes after take-off from the W. 30th Street heliport.

A short walk and we were curbside for the complimentary limo ride to our EWR terminals.  Since I was the only one going to Terminal C, I enjoyed a separate private ride.  

And the Instagram video of my Blade helicopter flight from Manhattan to Newark.


After a fun day of flying private and a few hours in the City, time to head home to Denver on United. My Blade driver dropped me off at Terminal C and despite the usual EWR PreCheck queue, I was at the gate less than 15 minutes later. After a pleasant chat with @howareyourrides who was off to LHR, boarding was easy tonight. Mercifully no 737MAX and the old 739 seats were reasonably comfy for a 3 hour domestic flight. Excellent service from our DEN-based crew with real glass PDB service. And surprisingly, an edible United meal as the Thai meat balls were quite good.

Wow, predeparture drink in a real glass!  Pinch me.

A gorgeous night to fly.

Color me shocked... an edible United meal.  The Thai meat balls were very tasty.

An the best part of United catering... Eli's Pie in the Sky.

Quick fliight tonight as we arrive at our gate in Denver nearly 40 minutes early. Thanks for following along on my fun day trip to New York.

My Instagram video of my United flight back to Denver.

The two sweetest words in private aviation are "EMPTY LEG". An empty leg occurs when a private jet is chartered from a specific airport and the operator needs to fly to that airport to pick up the client. Our Denver charter company offers these otherwise empty flights to clients for a nominal price, especially at the last minute. The downside is that one has to fly back commercial, which is fine if there is convenient commercial service coming home.

Today’s trip to Teterboro NJ was the perfect storm with the right morning departure time, and enough time to pop into New York City, have lunch, see a few sights on a gorgeous 80 degree day, and get to Newark via Blade helicopter for the last United flight of the day back to Denver. Today’s empty leg is on an older close to ancient (like many Delta jets LOL) Lear 35A, a small or light jet. Capable of carrying 7 passengers, it is really only comfortable for 1 or 2 passengers on 3+ hour flight like today.   

Cloudy morning at Centennial Airport.

Denver APA to Teterboro TEB
Lear 35A (only 41 years old... LOL)
9:00am MT -2:25p ET
June 13, 2023

The Lear 35 has a cosy and comfortable couples seat at the back of the cabin.

And we're off.

A gorgeous day to fly and a smooth ride all the way to the east coast.

Exploring the cupboards and drawers...

Digital display... state of the art back in the 1970s. LOL. 

Yaass.  Found the good stuff.

Time for a drink.

No wifi or IFE but I was prepared as I had downloaded a few Netflix movies, including the entertaining McEnroe.

My self catered snack...

Three pleasant hours later, on approach to Teterboro.

Between TEB and Van Nuys, probably the biggest collection of private jets anywhere.

And my Instagram video of today's Lear 35A flight to Teterboro.