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Private Jet Day Trip to California

Private Jet Day Trip to California
Private Jet Day Trip to California
Bombardier Lear 55
March 2023

Today Mrs. SFO777 and I are off on a short day trip to Temecula, California, some 90 minutes in traffic from any of the region's major commercial airports - John Wayne Orange County, San Diego or Ontario.  So in other words... the middle of nowhere and a perfect destination for charter especially since one of us doesn't do early mornings well.  LOL.  While expensive, charter cuts the trip to a single day vs. the three days, two nights that Mrs. SFO777 had originally contemplated.   

The hangar at Centennial Airport's International Jet, our Denver Centennial-based charter company.

Our ride today, a mid size Lear 55.

Denver Centennial APA to Murrieta French Valley F70
Bombardier Lear 55B 
Tail N5572
March 10, 2023
After a short 60 second taxi, we're off for the 2 hour flight to F70, French Valley Airport in Murrieta, California. 

A great view of downtown Denver on our climb.

Cruising at 40,000 feet above the clouds.

Let's check out the complimentary snack selection... 

Light lunch from home.

Very smooth ride today with virtually no turbulence as we begin our descent.

Landing in the rain and gloom at French Valley Airport.

I dropped Mrs. SFO777 off for her 1pm appointment and then ran a few errands and explored the area for a couple of hours.

Then picked her up around 3:15pm, called the crew and headed to the airport.   The ugly weather got even worse as the rain really started to come down.

Just lovely. LOL.

Murrieta French Valley F70 to Denver Centennial APA
Bombardier Lear 55B 
Tail N5572
March 10, 2023
We were on board just after 3:40pm but then sat on the tarmac in an ATC flow control hold for 30 minutes or so.  

And we're off for the short 1 hour 40 minute flight home.

Time for another drink.

Gorgeous late afternoon above the clouds.

Continuing our descent over Denver.

And touching down at APA.

Taxiing in.

WIth our car warmed and waiting for us.

What a quick, fun trip to and back from California.  And we were home for dinner 25 minutes later.

My Instagram video of today's trip.