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About Us


About Us

SFO777 is the pseudonym of a Denver-based executive (formerly San Francisco-based), a frequent flyer who loves to fly, is indeed obsessed with flying and spends way too much time on airplanes... logging more than 200,000 miles per year for business and pleasure, virtually all in First Class.  A longtime American Airlines Executive Platinum (One World Emerald), SFO777 also holds elite status in Star Alliance and SkyTeam airlines as well as Emirates and Etihad.  He has flown over 5 million miles in the past 40 years, and visited 30 countries in the past three years alone.  Most of SFO777's international air travel is "paid" for by using millions of frequent flyer miles each year, all accumulated either from more flying (both necessary and unnecessary) or from credit card spending or churning.   What first started as a hobby is now more an obsession. 

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