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Edmonton Game 6 Stanley Cup Finals

Edmonton Game 6 Stanley Cup Finals
Edmonton and Game 6 Stanley Cup Finals
via United and Air Canada Business Class
June 2024
Off to Edmonton for 16 hours and Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals


I love going to cool sporting events all over the world. In the last couple of years I’ve enjoyed LSU/Alabama, ManCity/United, Nuggets and Avs championships and the F1 Singapore Grand Prix. So when the Oilers beat Florida in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals, I figured that Game 6 in Edmonton would be so worth attending. And what a great choice it was... great game, beautiful arena and passionate dare I say crazy fans. 

Fortunately, there were two seats left on the 11am Friday United nonstop.  Unfortunately, I'm back to awful DIA.  Security at 9:30am was much better than at 6am.  Not much of a line at CLEAR+

Descending into the special hell that is DIA.

With no tunnel walkway between terminal, you just wait. 

Sure, let's just take a train out of service.

The sardine can that is the DIA train service.  Oh and the escalators weren't working at the B gates. LOL

The line into the United Club.

So many people in the United Club, that I just left and headed out for the long, long trek to the end of the world terminal. 

Denver DEN to Edmonton YEG
United UA2308
June 21, 2024

Not an elite-heavy route to say the least, so I was pretty much one of the first to preboard.  

Nice bulkhead legroom.  

Planning my afternoon.  :)

Lunch time.  Southwest chorizo spiced quinoa salad with crumbled spiced chorizo, quinoa, black bean, roasted corn salsa, grated Cotija cheese and grilled chicken with a chipotle ranch dressing.  Meh, at least we're over 900 miles and are spared the pathetic United snack basket.  And by all means, just be lazy and bring the drinks and nuts with the meal.

Almost lie flat.  LOL.

Not exactly a large airport, between our flight and a Westjet arrival from LAS, there were few pax walking to immigration. 

My NEXUS is still valid until the end of the year and I was out in no time.  Pretty cool baggage carousel display in this hockey-mad city.

I decided to rent-a-car since my Hyatt Place hotel was on the west side of the city, and since my Avis discount was cheaper than one way taxi/Uber to downtown.  After dropping my bag off at the Hyatt, I headed downtown arriving around 4pm some 2 hours prior to game time, and found a parking garage right across the street from Rogers Place.  And only USD $14. WTF?  Wow, I'd pay $50-$100 in Denver for close in Game 6 parking.

Thousands of people packing the nearby entertainment area.

This was the crazy line for beer.  OMG.  And everyone was so calm and polite.

OK, now that's the way to get to the game!

Gates opened at 4:30pm so I arrived a few minutes before they opened.

I bought my ticket yesterday afternoon on StubHub and got a single row 1 seat inside the Sportnet Club, on the Loge/Suite level.  

It's a little far from the ice but seriously cool front row seating.

And a great view.

Really cool Oilers memorabilia from Championship season past.

Unlimited food and non-alcoholic beverages were included.  Food options were extensive and very tasty.

Full service and wait staff service at your seats.

Pork ribs and beef tacos were delicious.

And wonderful Alberta beef prime rib.

Getting ready.  Apparently we need two zambonis to do a proper job.


Game 6

My only other Game 6 experience was in Cleveland when the Cavs beat the Warriors on the way to their first and only NBA Championship.  The atmosphere here was just as electric.

Stirring national anthem performance... by 18,000+ fans.

And we're off.

Oilers score first.   Great time-out entertainment.

Oilers score again and are up 2-0.

Gotta love the unapolgetic "This is Oil Country" slogan.  

Panthers scored to make it 2-1 but a gutsy coach's challlenge ruled the play offside.

Now 3-0 Oilers.

After the 2nd period, dessert is served. 

In the 3rd period, Panthers score to cut the lead to 3-1, but a couple of late empty net goals to seal the deal for the Oilers.


18,000 happy fans celebarting the win.

What a fun day and a treat to experience the game with rabid Oiler fans.

My Instagram video of my visit to Edmonton and Game 6.

And Instagram video of entertaining Cameron Hughes @cameroncheers

Heading back home to Denver


Unfortunately, the 6am United Denver nonstop was sold out in all classes, so took the next best option, a Vancouver connection.  I got less than 2 hours sleep and was up at 3am to shower and head to the airport.  Not much traffic and I made it in 30 minutes.

My NEXUS got me priority security, and this morning private security.

I was thru so fast that the lounges hadn't even opened.

The Maple Leaf Lounge opened at 4:30am.

Comfy but nothing special.

Very attactive business center centre.

Pretty weak food offerings as usual for AC.

At T-45 I headed down to nearby Gate 50.  Whoa, boarding reminiscent of your average United cluster.

Edmonton YEG to Vancouver YVR
Air Canada AC231
738MAX (7M8)
June 22, 2024

Very nice interior on a 5 year old MAX.

Smart woman to get out of the way.  LOL.

Excellent service for a great cabin crew this morning, especially personable Vicky.  The Air Canada breakfast hasn't change in 30-40 years.  LOL.

A most enjoyable flight... unlike my next one on United.

Enduring Vancouver International and United

This is one mess of an airport.  Getting from the domestic gates to transborder gates is a long, long haul.  Fortunately, there were plenty of Global Entry kiosks in the CBP preclearance area.

Then there is Air Canada which believes in no Maple Leaf Lounge signage anywhere.

Once I found the place, a reasonable comfy lounge.

Even better when I found this little private room,

And the usual Air Canada non-food.

United and American get the absolute dregs of the transborder wing.  

Vancouver YVR to Denver DEN
United UA640
Ancient 737-800
June 22, 2024

Easy preboard with few elites again this morning. 

Advertised as quiche, it wasn't even close. 

Then there was the crew.  Captain declared the usual "we're going to die because of turbulence" announced 45 minutes from Denver and then " prepare to land" shortly thereafter.  Of course there was no turbulence whatsoever but the crew enjoyed extra time sitting, gossiping and playing with their iphones.   Then there was the FA that, because we were 3 minutes late, asked everyone without a connection shorter than an hour, to sit and wait for those to deplane.  LOL.

Despite the long, exhausting return to Denver, so happy that I was in Edmonton for an exciting Game 6 and amazing atmosphere.