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Day Trip to LA

Day Trip to LA
on a beautiful Challenger 604 Private Jet
October 2015
Mrs. SFO777 and I were enjoying a relaxing Sunday morning waiting for SFO777jr and the future (hopefully) Mrs. SFO777jr to arrive and for the Broncos/Browns game to start, while I obsessed over my JetSmarter app, checking every 15 minutes hoping for lightning to strike. When lo and behold, lightning struck in the form of an elusive Challenger 604, from nearby Denver Centennial to John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana. Now older and wiser, I don't even ask her but simply pull the trigger on anything good. Knowing how long a day it was going to be (not home until 1AM) Mrs. SFO777 got a pass today (especially since "we'd have to fly home commercial" LOL)... so it was just me off to SoCal for dinner with our LA son and grandkids.  
With a backpack and some work for the road, I headed out to I-25 and the 15 minute drive down to E-470 and the south entrance of Centennial Airport.
Oh yeah, this is one gorgeous flying machine.
Denver APA-Santa Ana SNA
Challenger 604
Tail: N620TM
October 19, 2015
Inside Signature, I met Captain Jim and a few minutes later walked out to our plane for this morning and met the rest of the crew, our FO and our Flight Attendant Veronica. Seriously? My own personal flight attendant??  
After a final check, we're ready to taxi.
And on our way for the 2 hour 10 minute flight.
Checking out the full size lav. Unlike some mid size jets, no need to bend or watch your head in here.
And beginning our descent.
A wonderful landing and we pulled up to the Signature Flight Support at SNA.
OMG, I am now so spoiled. Good thing Mrs. SFO wasn't here today or I'd be in more trouble than I already am.  
I arrived at SNA at around 10:15A or just under 8 hours from dinner. LOL. But I did bring work with me. Unfortunately, Wifi at Signature was not working so I hopped in the my waiting National Car rental and headed across the street to Starbucks where I set up shop for the next two hours.

Then off to lunch in Newport Beach at Rick Bayless' Red O. Great Mexican resto in Fashion Island.

Not very crowded today and I had the bar pretty much to myself. 
Margarita was so-so... not even close to Anahuacalli in Paris.
I had a taco trio... shrimp, carnitas and short rib. Delicious. 
After lunch and a little more work, I decided to make my way north on the 405.
I made great time, averaging about 75 all the way to Santa Monica, where I decided to stop at The Museum of Flying.
Except that the place was closed, operating on Fall/Winter hours and open only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Ah well.
The up to Malibu and the Malibu Pier, a great spot featured in two of the Liam Neeson Taken movies.
Waiting for the kids, I passed the time taking in the sights and a made in California moment. Obviously true love. LOL.
Had a great time with the grandkids. Dinner was excellent.
I left around 7:40P or just under 2 hours before departure. Got to National return at 8:20P and via the shuttle at T-4 at 8:40P.  
Off to Gate 44 and the always wonderful LAX Bus Gate with scenic tour of the LAX tarmac.
AA 5926
October 19, 2015
Our DEN driver dropped me off at the Signature APA parking lot to pick up my car and I finally arrived home pulling into the garage at 2AM.
One long but fun day.