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Five minutes from the hotel is the Coronado stop of the Old Town Trolley, San Diego's HOHO attraction.  My original plan was to take this to Coronado and see more of the city but the ferry change that idea.  So I'm starting here.  Our personable driver, guide Scotty was great... informative amd funny.
Looking back to our ferry and San Diego from the Coronado Ferry Landing. The Coronado Ferry Center is a little over mile away from and on the other side of the island from the Hotel Del Coronado. A short Uber ride and I was at "The Del".
Postcard perfect weather on arrival at the Santa Fe station.  Even better than planned as we pulled into the station 10 minutes early.  So I walked two blocks west to the Broadway Pier... ... just in time to catch the 10am Coronado Ferry.
After dinner, we headed for Cherry Creek and The Jacquard, our hotel for the weekend... or so we thought.   We pulled up to discover that the place was eerily dark as in no lights.  They had lost power sometime that evening and had no idea when it would be restored.
Another lazy morning as we still hadn't heard back from a couple of real estate agents, although I didn't aggressively pursue it as we both had pretty much decided that New York is a great place to visit but not so much to live full time.  Just too much of a change from the wide open spaces of Orange County or Denver.    So we decided to just do more of the same, relax and hang out and explore more of the Upper East Side.  First stop was an early lunch back downstairs at Jean-Georges.
We both slept in this morning as our bodies were still on Pacific time.  After room service and a few calls to real estate agents to set up appointments for later in the day or tomorrow, we headed out for some exercise and exploration... down Madison to 69th Street and then over to 1st Avenue for lunch.   Daycare central, surprisingly with no locks on any scooters or strollers.
When we visited a few weeks ago, we had pretty much narrowed our search to the Upper East Side... and one apartment in particular, on East 77th.   So we decided to stay at nearby The Mark, spend time in the neighborhood and see how we felt three days later.  While Mrs. SFO777 was getting ready for the day, I headed out for some fresh air.  Up Madison...  ... then west on 78th...
With nothing on the schedule until an 11am appointment, we slept and even passed on breakfast since we were still full from yesterday's food orgy. With three specific appointments today, we decided to Uber or taxi our way around the city.  First stop was Sutton Place and a "pre-war" building with a manually operated elevator.  Whoa. Very nice, but the owner really wanted to rent the place furnished.
With the sheers open, a beautiful morning in the city.  
With a couple of recommendations from the Omni concierge, we headed out for a late lunch.
After a few drinks at the bar with a Cleveland friend, the 4 of us headed over to E. 4th Street with a few thousand other fans... Dinner at Pickwick & Frolic, starting with the Cleveland sausage platter. 
While Mrs. SFO777 decided to sleep in, I headed out just after 6am to Arches National Park, just a mile up the road from our hotel.   I had absolutely no idea what to expect as this was just a stop on the way to California.  But OMG, what a spectacular experience, especially early in the morning before the crowds. 
And then up to our room to get ready for dinner. One of favorites chef's is Jean-Georges Vongerichten. We've loved his restaurants in New York and Shanghai, and his other Las Vegas restaurant Prime at The Bellagio. So, Mrs. SFO has decided that we're going to Jean-Georges Steakhouse at Aria. The massive complex that is Aria. Way too big for our tastes... and at least a 10 minute poorly marked walk from main lobby to the restaurant.
Miraculously, yesterday's rain is gone and the sun is out this morning.  While Mrs. SFO got ready for the day, I headed out to Union Square to take in the sights of The City.
Although we had a late 3PM check-out, we'd had enough of the Halekulani and Honolulu, which really isn't a very attractive city, and decided to leave early and head up to the North Shore to explore and have lunch before head back to the airport for our 5:40P flight. And back up H1 and H2 past Mililani for the third time in two days. Much prettier once we got onto Highway 99.
Mrs. SFO opted for a nap while I headed out to take some pics of a downtown that has seen better days. Iconic Terminal Tower, once the tallest building in the country after the Empire State Building... a long, long, long time ago.
After lunch, we headed out to Union Square and surrounding area including Maiden Lane.
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