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NY to LA on a Gulfstream-IV

NY to LA on a Gulfstream-IV
Another Jetsmarter Private Charter
February 2016

My $7,000 annual membership has definitely paid off.  Jetsmarter has started shared shuttle flights between numerous cities with the longest flight being a Gulfstream G-IV from White Plains to Van Nuys.  I was in Pittsburgh on business and figured, what the heck, may as well try it out.  I left my Pittsburgh office at 11:45a and headed down I-376 for the 25 minute drive to the airport and a quick 55 minute flight to LGA.   Then Uber into the city to the West 30th Street Heliport where today's Jetsmarter experience began... with the usual free helicopter service to HPN/White Plains airport. 

The crowded Pegasus waiting room.

OK, not the most luxurious ride as five of us and luggage were stuffed in for the 15 minute flight.  

And what a fun flight it was with gusts up to 40 mph.  Lots of rocking and rolling as we head up the Hudson.

Fifteen minutes after takeoff from the W. 30th Street heliport, we arrived at Signature West at HPN.

OMG, is it cold here.

Inside the FBO, we waited for the rest of our fellow passengers on the next flight from the West 30th heliport.

White Plains to Van Nuys
Tail N124TF
Gulfstream IV
February 11, 2016

A not so luxurious start as we boarded a bus for the short 30 second ride to our G-IV.

Our Captain for tonight's flight to the west coast.

A full cabin of 13 JetSmarter members tonight. We were pre-assigned seats by the JetSmarter staff according to... well I have no idea, I guess based on gender and age. Whatever the criteria, it worked very well especially because I was among the 7 pax up front who got the wider "First Class" seats. And what an interesting, indeed fascinating mix of people, all of whom were friendly and engaging. Once in the air, the flight was a little reminiscent of a cocktail party, with new friendships. And our lovely, hard working flight attendant Erica provided excellent service throughout the flight.

Food wasn't memorable but a selection of salads and sandwiches keep us well fed... in between non-stop drinks. Thank you Erica!

And said lovely Erica with fabulous desserts.  

And the ladies' desserts.

A short five hours and thirty minutes later, we touched down at Van Nuys.