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Weekend in Amsterdam

Weekend in Amsterdam
via SNCF Thalys First Class
September 2008

SFO777jr visited us for a few days during our month in Paris.   At the end of his stay, we spent a couple of days in Amsterdam.  Thalys is a great way to travel, today from Gare du Nord to Amsterdam Central.  And WiFi. 

Off to 

Heineken break time.

The next morning Jr and I headed out for the Heineken tour.

Or so we thought.  Bummer.

Although I bought our return ticket in Paris, I incorrectly assumed that it would be valid in Amsterdam.  Duh, apparently not.  Since I didn't get our BP at Gare du Nord, it was uselsss here.

After a 45 minute wait in queue, I got to the counter.

Where I bought another ticket.

And got a note so I could get a refund back in Paris.

Finally with our tickets, we headed to the track.

And our comfy ride back "home" while Jr. took the airport train.


And before we close this chapter, a recap of the Girls of Amsterdam.