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Private Jet Weekend Trip

Private Jet Weekend Trip
Private Jet Weekend Trip
to Olympia Washington
August 2023

Family Weekend in Olympia Washington

So SFO777jr and family needed to go to Olympia for a good friend's wedding.  But with three kiddies, 28 months and 15 month old twins, how is that even possible?  Enter grandma and grandpa to baby sit on the road.  With three kiddies, flying private was our most practical option.  

Denver Centennial APA to Olympia Regional OLM
International Jet Aviation Hawker 800XP
12:30pm MT - 2:00pm PT
August 10, 2023


Our beautiful and newly refurbished mid-size Hawker 800XP.

Ready to go, car seats and all.

We're #6 for departure.

And we're off...


Yeah, this would have been a nightmare on United or Alaska.

Grandpa taking a short break.  LOL.

Whoa, gorgeous view of Mr. Rainier.


Descent and approach to Olympia.

Our Enterprise SUVs delivered on time to the FBO and waiting for us.

Our Airbnb with a view on Lake St Clair.

Finally the kiddies are asleep and the adults can enjoy dinner.

OMG, this is a full time job.  LOL.

Oh yeah... good decision to cover the floor in Hefty bags.



Heading home to Denver

With a 10am Airbnb check out and a stop at McDonald's, we were at the airport just after 10:30a.

Olympia Regional OLM to Denver Centennial APA
International Jet Aviation Hawker 800XP
11:00am PT - 2:15pm MT
August 13, 2023



Over Denver on our descent approach to Centennial Airport.

On the ground at Centennial.

Taxiing to the International Jet hangar.

With both of our cars waiting for us.

One final look at a our wonderful Hawker ride for the weekend.

What a fun weekend.  Thanks for following along.