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United Club and First Class to Denver

The United Club near C-19 was packed and we couldn't find two open seats together...

... until I remembered the third floor, from my CO days.

UA 488
3:40P-5:17P (sked)
4:25P-5:17P (actual)
September 8, 2013
Seats 4AB

One more G&T before we get home.

While Mrs. SFO declined "food" such as it is on UA, I took one the team and the photo op. Choice of shrimp salad or chicken calzone, pretty much the same options we always get on United. Do they serve anything else. This is exactly how our FA placed the tray.

Meh, doesn't look any better after I spun it around.

Although UA soups are reasonably tasty, this one was inedible. My mostly bread calzone, which I always dissected to avoid the bread... had more chicken than my last one. Heads will roll at catering for that mistake.

Despite pushing back 45 minutes from the gate at IAH, we landed on time at DEN, just before the skies opened.

Thanks everyone for following this latest trip report and for all of your kind comments. We have a couple of weeks down time from travel to catch up, then to LAX to visit the LA grandkids for a day, and a week later, our Emirates A380 flight to DXB, then JNB and our first African safari.