Air France La Première Lounge

Air France provides La Première passengers with complimentary limo service in Paris.  Our HertzDriveU driver was waiting for us when we came downstairs just before 7am.  Some 30 miintues later, we were at the La Première door... Porte 14 of Terminal 2E.

And then escorted to the La Premiére check-in area and lounge, while our Personal Assistant took our passports and Covid docs to process our check-in and issue boarding pass.

A few minutes later we're off to passport control and security.   This door is new...

... as well as the private walkway...

Sadly, the process broke down as AF has still not provided private security for CDG check-in.  So we join the masses.  We we sort of jumped the queue and our bags were given La Première cards.  Didn't help much as DFW_CK's carrry-on was sent to secondary.

LOL   Why bother?  Just stay on the mainland.

So good to be back in the world's best First Class Lounge.

Time to eat... even after last night's dinner with Guy Savoy.   It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

While the official menu was the breakfast menu, our server was more than happy to see if the kitchen staff would prepare non-breakfast selection.  Funny thing was when I asked about something from the Déjenuer, he knew what I was up to.... "Coquillettes?" Oui, SVP.

OMG, Coquillettes jambon/truffe noir was out of this world.

Clearly, I didn't like that.  Used the baguette to clean the plate.

Then there was this odd group of mainlanders, in full PPE gear, who had no idea what the LPL was all about.  There were 5 of them which seemed odd considering that there are only 4 F seats on each plane. I heard an exasperated staffer try to explain, twice, that they could order anything they want from the menu at no charge.  Sheesh.