The Private Suite at LAX

The Private Suite at LAX (or P/S) is a private VIP terminal completely separate from the regular LAX passenger terminals.  P/S interfaces with all airlines and provides private check-in, private TSA security and private CBP clearance.  And BMW 7 series limo service from the jet bridge of your arriving plane and/or limo service back to your departing plane... all without ever stepping inside an LAX concourse.  In between flights, amazing service in drop dead gorgeous lounges.  P/S has 13 private suites to relax in prior to being escorted to your departing flight.  Initial prices were crazy... in the $3,000 per visit range. But in the past month, P/S made a decision to broaden its market.  They introduced The Salon, same service with all the P/S amenities except that you relax in a larger lounge, The Salon, that you might have to share with others. The upside is that The Salon is offered at a much lower price... only $695 a visit. 

Wonderful P/S rep Olivia met me in the jetbridge right at the door of my arriving United flight.   We walked down the jet bridge stairs to meet driver Alex and a gorgeous BMW 7 series.

From Gate 71A, we headed out to the tarmac for the 10 minute drive around the west end of LAX.

And finally the P/S terminal.

OMG, like a 5 star resort, the staff line up to greet me.

I gave my passport, Covid test results and Swiss FOPH tracing QR code to Alexa and was then escorted into The Salon, where DFW_CK was already relaxing.   Simply stunning.

An array of complimentary high end products.

Very attractive bar with our personal server team of four.... Kai, Adam, Jack and Martin. 

Our welcome amuse-bouche.

Here is the current Salon menu.  Our P/S rep Alexa mentioned that their food supplier h.wood group would soon be expanding to full restaurant quality meals.

Our Mezze Platter...

Little Gem Salad...

Noodle Bowl with Steak.

Oh yeah...

Pit stop before heading out for our Swiss flight.

Another wonderful P/S agent Whitley came to collected us at around T-60.

First stop was P/S's private TSA security, with two of the nicest TSA employees I've ever encountered.

Our gorgeous BMW ready to take us to TBIT. 

Amazing up close and personal plane spotting on the way,.

Cool photo op just prior to taking the elevator up to the jet bridge.