Air Malta to London

We arrived at Malta International at around 6:30am.   Since we had checked in online and preprinted boarding passes, we headed directly for security.

There is a Priority security lane which feeds to the front of the security queue.  Not many people there today and we were thru in no time.

After security, another airport forcing you on an annoying walk thru duty free shops to get to gates and lounges. 

We headed for Air Malta's Lavalette Club which we were able to use with our Business Class tickets.  

The lounge is quite attractive with comfortable seating areas.

There is also a separate nicer room, which is reserved for KM elites or so I was told when a lounge dragon quickly evicted me after I snapped a few pics.  LOL.

At around T-35, we headed for passport control and our gate.

Malta-London Heathrow
Air Malta 100
January 6, 2017
Seats 1DF

Lots of people already queued in the gate area.   No Priorirty boarding for Business Class today as the gate agent just went right to general boarding.

Post podium, waiting for the doors to open.

And the walk to the plane.  Good thing it wasn't raining this morning.

On board, typical Euro "Business Class" economy seats with an open middle.  Hey, at least the Air Malta actually had a Business cabin.

After takeoff, now that's a curtain.

In flight entertainment consisted of a picture on the bulkhead wall...

... route map...

... and inflight magazine, which was actually pretty good and informative.

Showtime, Air Malta style.

Paper table cloth.

And today's breakfast.  Wow, something for everyone as they pack the tray filling every space. 

Nice to know exactly what we're getting but what with not unwrapping the dish??  Interesting that it was prepared yesterday.

The omelet was a meh... kind of tasted like it was prepared the day before.

The rest of the flight was uneventful save for the crying baby in the first row of Economy.   The kid pretty much wailed the entire flight.   Definitely a Bose with music on flight. 

A sunny but chilly +1C morning in London.

We arrived at the far end of Terminal 4...

... and a long long walk to T5 transit bus.

Fortunately, our bus departed as soon as we boarded. 

 The long, sometimes scenic route took about 15 minutes to reach T5.

Fortunately, our BA First boarding passes got us Fast Track access and very nice BA agents to speed the process.

Another 10 minutes and we were thru security and into T5.

First stop was Customs and the tax stamp for VAT refunds. 

And then off to the BA Concorde Room.