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Emirates A380 First Class to New York

We arrived at the FCL near B15 about 20 minutes before boarding. Stopped in for a few minutes before heading out to board.  
Nice Level 4 boarding for F and J pax with an elevator down to the upper deck of the A380.

Dubai-New York JFK
Emirates EK 203
2:50A-8:55A (sked)
4:00A-10:15A (actual)
March 24, 2015
Suite 2K and 3K

Despite the GA accepting us for boarding, the crew wasn't ready so we queue'd in the jet bridge for a few minutes. Needy New Yorker in 3A apparently required an Emirates agent to help find the plane and make sure she didn't get lost somewhere between the gate and plane.   

Our same 2K and 3K as SFO-DXB. Some pics from that flight.




Not the best EK experience tonight with lots of things going wrong.

Starting with departure delays. Delay 1 was a sick passenger requiring medical staff to evaluate. Delay 2 was yet another sick passenger requiring medical evaluation. Eventually it was decided that the family would be offloaded. Of course, that led to another delay while ground crew "found their luggage". Around 3:45AM, we finally pushed back and made the long trek along taxiways to our departing runway.

And then we sat. And sat. For another 30 minutes while every other EK flight departed ahead of us.

Tonight's menu.

And wine list.

Finally, we're off for our 13 hour 50 minute flight to New York. Shortly after take-off, Showtime.

Starting with a delicious lentil soup with fried arabic bread.

For my main, I had the excellent Roast Lemon Chicken with cherry tomato and garlic ragout, mashed potatoes, seasoned carrots and courgettes.

For dessert, a lovely Quince and almond tart served warm with a rich creme anglaise and fresh berries.

After dinner, I turned my attention to the fact that with the late departure from DXB, there was a strong likelihood that we would miss our 10:55A JFK-MSP flight.  
Unfortunately, the virtually free Wifi attracted a lot of users, rendering Wifi speed to something resembling a tortoise crossing the road.

How cool is this? JetSmarter showed a "Morning" 800XP from Teterboro to Chicago Executive. Since I had already pre-booked an EK limo just in case, I figured I'd just have the driver drop us at Teterboro. I booked a refundable late PM ORD-DEN AA flight while I waited for JetSmarter to confirm departure window. In the end, sadly I had to cancel since the 800XP had a wheels up window no later than 8AM, well before our arrival.

Now exhausted, I asked our FA to turn down my bed and I promptly fell asleep. Although my sleep only lasted about 3 hours... until the entire F cabin was awakened by a bunch of loud arguing drunks. Apparently, most of a family of 5 First Class pax from some third world backwater decided to drain the alcohol in the J lounge before stumbling back waking up the entire cabin. Fortunately, after a half hour or so, they all passed out in their suites and the cabin was calm again, at least for a while. The purser told me that the captain had been informed.  

Now awake, I decided to shower.

Being very efficient today and using only 1/2 of my water allotment.

At around two hours out, the rid-raf awoke and starting yapping again. Most of us had had enough with these guys by now and in particular the most obnoxious one in 1K. I complained to the Purser again as did other pax. The crew did the best they could and the father of the group apologized for his son's behavior, telling another pax that "I can't control him". The purser confided that 1K had been abusive to the crew and that the captain had called ahead to have police meet us on arrival. The captain and other flight deck crew members then began regular walk-thru's of the cabin just to keep an eye on 1K.

Beginning our approach to JFK and finally some good news, our JFK-MSP is delayed an hour. Yay, so we won't miss the flight.

To Emirates' Gate 6.

Once at the gate, the captain announced that there were be a delay "for a security issue". LOL. Meanwhile, 1K is now in 4K with his son, oblivious to the world.

Oops. Welcome to America, Port Authority Police style.  

Hey man, what did I do? I did hear him tell the cop that "I only had 3 drinks". Good one.  

After 3 minutes or so, Port Authority police escorted him off the plane. And surrounded him just off the jet bridge. Welcome to New York. Enjoy your stay.