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Etihad Business Class to Kathmandu

Abu Dhabi to Kathmandu
Etihad 290
10:00A-3:50P (sked)
10:15A-4:30P (actual)
November 4, 2014
Seats 3AC

At around T-50 we headed out for Gate 28 which sounded like and indeed turned out to be a bus gate.  

Business Class gets a separate bus although there were more than 16 pax on our bus today.

Very pleasant and comfortable regional A320 Business cabin with lots of leg room.  And a wonderful crew today.


And the latest project to try to keep up with DOH and DXB.  I'm thinking EY and EK don't really like each other as every EY flight ends with this reminder "Thank you for flying Etihad, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates serving the world from our capital city of Abu Dhabi."  LOL.

Once in the air, our outstanding cabin service continued.  IFE is excellent for a regional plane.  Pop-up screen with HD quality video which was actually better than the A345 and A346 video screens we've experienced.

Today's menu.

And wine list, both of which surpass food and beverage offerings on any US domestic flight including JFK-LAX/SFO.


Table cloth and a very nice tray setting.

I went all chicken today starting with the Tandoori chicken salad with marinated marrow and carrots and raita sauce.  Delicious.

And the Arabic chicken kabsa with spicy saffron rice, garnished with fried onions and roasted cashed nuts.  Yummy.

Completely stuffed, I passed on dessert and stayed with water the rest of the flight.  As we got closed to Kathmandu, Captain Joe announced that those of us on the left side of the plane would get spectacular of the Himalayas today.  Indeed, the views were magical.

And our approach.

After a brief spacing hold, we landed at KTM and taxied to a remote stand with every other plane and were bused to the "terminal".  

Up next: Welcome to Kathmandu, a city that Mrs. SFO will never visit.  LOL.