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JAL First Class to Tokyo

New York JFK to Tokyo Haneda HND
Japan Airlines JL 005
12:45p-5:20p +1
January 21, 2023
Departed 8/8

Welcome to another a wonderful Japan Airlines First Class flight, today from JFK to Haneda. Despite a full cabin, our First Class cabin crew was extraordinary with flawless service and the ultimate in pampering. 


My home for the next 14+ hours.

And away we go...

Today, the inbound-to-Japan feature champagne was no longer Cristal and not even Krug. Although it was a respectable 2007 Billecart-Salmon Cuvée Nicolas Francois, there was just one bottle despite the much lower price point. After I asked our FA whether they loaded more than one bottle, she apologized that no it was just the one bottle. Talk about service though. I was on my third glass but was confused because the bottle still looked pretty full. She confessed that only two of us were drinking the Billecart and she had purposely recommended the backup 2012 Drappier Grande Sendrée to all the other pax. LOL

Today's menu...

Today's amuse-bouche.

Showtime, JAL-style.

Nap time...

Yikes.  Seriously?

A little later, round two...

Great scenery as we approach Japan.

Gorgeous sunset and a bonus Mt Fuji sighting.

Despite the long trek to passport, everything was pretty efficient as long as one completes the pre-arrival registration and gets the requisite QR codes.  And not a long wait to clear passport.

And my Instagram video of my JAL flight to Toyko.