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Mrs. SFO777's Paris Shopping Day

Today is Mrs. SFO777's day as we're doing a combination Anniversary/Birthday shopping day.  And we have a car and driver today to make it easy.  Our wonderful driver Clément picked us up at 11am, and we're off into heavy Fashion Week traffic.

Our first stop was rue Cambon and the flagship Chanel store.

Next stop was Mrs. SFO777's favorite hair accessory shop, Alexandre de Paris.

Then over to the 8th and a wonderful local's spot, Chez André.

The sole was amazing, a la plancha pour madame, meunière pour moi.

Next stop was just up the street to Franck Namani where the staff rushes out to greet you when you pull up in an S class.  LOL.

And finally back to the other side of the 8th and Fabiana Filippi, on rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

Right across the street from the Élysée Palace, apparently waiting for Hollande to return.

Mercifully at just after 5pm, Mrs. SFO777 has had enough and we headed back to the hotel, to tally up the damage.  But I just keep remembering the wise adage... happy wife, happy life.

At 8pm, we headed out for dinner at one of our Paris favorites, 114 Faubourg in Le Bristol.

Mesclun salad and crisp lettuce hearts, shavings of aged parmesan, black truffle vinaigrette. One of the best salads anywhere. 

My langoustine ravioli and basil, whisked butter with lemon was wonderful.

Someone is happy. 

Madame's Roasted lamb from Lozère with fresh herbs, gnocchis with candied lemon and mashed zucchinis.

My Cod fillet and prawns perfumed in saffron, cooked potatoes in the shells’ juice.  Delicious. 

And amazing desserts to finish.

Another fabulous meal at a great restaurant.   Mrs. SFO777 with un chat du maison, one of Le Bristol's residence felines.