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After a delicious Castiglion del Bosco breakfast...

We head out for our guided tour of Tuscany, starting with the beautiful vistas of Montalcino and the Abbey of Sant'Antimo, built in the 8th century.

And then tour of San Filippo winery, followed by wine tasting and lunch with the owner...

Best meal of the trip in... Pienza?

While we plan much of our vacation itinerary in advance, some of the most enjoyable memories come from the impromptu side trips.
When one of private chef dinner mates told us about their visit to a cheese maker in Pienza, we decided to visit.
Our concierge recommended and booked us lunch for us at the most amazing small restaurant... a wonderful family owned restaurant with only 4 tables. Well, we never did get to the cheese maker as lunch was an orgasmic experience lasting nearly two and a half hours.

Ristorante il Rossellino
This tiny restaurant is run by husband and wife team. He cooked, she served... the most amazing traditional Tuscan specialties.

Our primos.
The most amazing truffle pasta, all home made of course.

Steak Florentine, seasoned and grilled to perfection.

Our wonderful chef taking a well deserved break...

And the requisite celebrity pic with the girls...

On our walk back to our van.

While parking earlier, I had a brief encounter with a trash dumpster. The missing paint was now on our Avis van.
Decided to take a pic of the sucker for posterity. I'm thinking this is going to be an expensive lunch.

Mrs. SFO to the rescue as nail polish remover got rid of all the most obvious evidence. 

After lunch, we headed for beautiful medieval city of Siena.

Siena Cathedral or Duomo, begun in the 12th century, is a great example of Roman-Gothic architecture.

Not much has changed in hundreds of years.

Well maybe some things have changed. 

Piazza del Campo is famous for hosting the annual Palio horse race.

Pic of this year's race...