Weekend in New York City

Weekend in New York City

December 2014

The sun finally came out on a beautiful but chilly 32 degree Sunday morning. 

With a 12:20P departure from Laguardia, we headed down to the lobby around 10:25A.  Our Uber driver showed up 3 minutes after I ordered it.   With light Sunday traffic, we arrived at Laguardia just before 11:00A.   Only one other person in front of us in PreCheck and we were in the Admirals Club 7 minutes later. 

New York Laguardia - Chicago O'Hare
American 331
December 7, 2014

We arrived at the gate just as the GA starting boarding the First Class cabin.    The annoying and obliviously loud moron in 5E.   A Bose with music on loud moment for sure. 

American's 40" pitch in F means the most narrow body legroom of any non-transcon US domestic plane.   Unfortunately, the new USdbaAA is going to fix that and reduce legroom to squeeze in more & seats.  

Since September 1st, new American management drastically cut back the quality of meals.  In one day, AA went from best US food airline to worst.  Anything other than pasta is largely inedible prison grade mystery meat lathered in goop.   Despite management claiming that they would improve meal quality, nothing has improved.  Nevertheless, Mrs. prefers chicken so I ordered chicken for the Mrs. while I stayed with the safer pasta.    Pathetic "salad" with her chicken.

Yikes.  As expected, it was inedible.  Hard to cut and tasted terrible.

My pasta was marginally better.  We shared some of this to take the edge off our hunger and decided to eat at O-Hare.

At least it was edible in a 7-11 kind of way.

Yeah, that really looks good.

American used to bake cookies on board.  Apparently that cost too much and now that buy in bulk at Costco and reheat them before serving.  Even the flight attendants are embarrassed by the miss.  I mentioned to our flight attendant that I missed the old American.  She didn't miss a beat and replied "so do we".

More bad news today as our power ports weren't functioning.  The good news is that AA gave us two $75 travel vouchers after I complained.

Once in Chicago, we headed for Rick Bayless' Torta Frontera where we shared a delicious Cubana sandwich. 

Then to the Admirals Club for a half hour before our Denver flight.

Chicago O'Hare - Denver
American 125
December 7, 2014

Our Denver flight was a Boeing Sky interior plane with AA's new individual seat back entertainment system.  A nice selection of movies.  But these seats are not very comfortable. 

Nice sunset in the foothills of the Rockies as we landed.

Thanks for coming along on our quick weekend in wonderful New York City.