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Off to London

I'm off today for a quick 14 hours in London where I’m meeting my travel besties for my first Premier League match - Tottenham vs. Chelsea in the spectacular new Hotspur Stadium. Today I’m flying BA A380 First on the return of a cheap December Budapest-Denver ticket. It also lets me log my 4th BA segment and thus re-qualify for BA Gold. First up today is a short American positioning flight to Chicago, then a visit to the ORD Flagship Lounge and then over to Terminal 5 and BA.

Miserable security at 6:45am-ish.   Both PreClear and CLEAR+ lines were ridiculous. 

While AA has moved to the C concourse, the Admirals Club is still in the A concourse... supposedly for another two months.

Breakfast of Champions. LOL.

Breakfast omelet was tasty.

At O'Hare, my first stop was the nearby Flagship Lounge.

My BA A380 arriving on time from London with the Chicago skyline in the distance.

With a little over two hours to departure time, I headed to Terminal 5 and the BA Lounges. My one word impression: depressing.

First Dining is to the left of the check-in counter behind a tattered looking blue curtain. The space itself is small, stark white and depressingly institutional with no windows and dreadful non-existent ambiance with way too many tables for the space, packed close to each other. I was the first person to arrive so was able to select the least depressing two top table at the back right by the planter which separates the room from the J serve yourself counter.  Service was well intentional but not polished and definitely challenged once the tables started to fill, as there was only one server who today was actually the First Dining manager. The food itself was quite good. And I enjoyed multiple glasses of the very good Stag's Leap Artemis, which was the only worthwhile wine offering IMO. 

What a depressing space. Stark walls. Come on BA. A few cheap pics or even dorm room posters would be an improvement.

The vine ripe tomato soup was excellent.

The Sole Meunière was shockingly good although the presentation a little odd.

And the off menu Tiramisu was delicious.

My Instagram video of my flight to Chicago and lounge-hopping at O'Hare.