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Tottenham to Paris

Tottenham to Paris

With 62,000 fans all leaving at the same time, it was inevitable gridlock around the stadium. We contemplated just walking the 45 minutes to Wood Green but opted to sit on our arses in the comfort of a slow moving shuttle bus. Once at Wood Green, I took the first train as it went all the way to Heathrow T4. I had a late BA flight and would meet @thedarkknightdds the next morning in Paris for our Air France flight home. 

As a BA Gold member, I used BA First check in and security, and the Galleries First Lounge even though I was on a cheap £55 Economy ticket. 

My order was delivered within 5 minutes.


And the Chicken Thali was delicious.

While our flight to London was an hour late, I was upgraded to Club Europe as apparently the flight was oversold in Economy.

Euro "Business Class". LOL.  Economy seating and legroom with an open middle seat.

Impressive meal service on a 40 minute flight.

In Paris, BA uses Terminal 2A and I hadn't realized that 2C and 2D are completely CLOSED for renovation which means that there is no obvious way to walk from 2A/2B to and thru 2C where the Sheraton claims they are located and onward to 2E/2F. It took me 45 minutes to navigate my way including a visit to the 2C/2D parking garage and the bowels of CDG.

My room for 5 hours.  Haha.

My Instagram video of my trip from Hotspur Stadium to Paris.