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American First Class to London

Los Angeles LAX to London LHR
American AA 136
777-300ER (77W)
7:40pm-2:20pm +1 (sked)
8:15pm-2:20pm +1 (actual)
May 11, 2018
Seats 1J and 2J


I remember the early boarding last time I was on this flight but tonight was crazy.  We arrived at nearby Gate 41 a full 50 minutes before departure and they were already on Group 6. 

On board, AA's 8 seat First Class cabin.  And classy as ever with bedding piled on each seat.  Maybe you could offer them later than pax wondering what to do with all of this crap until bedtime.  

The AA amenity kit.  Nice enough bag on the outside...

... but the same old garbage on the inside...

Tonight's menu...

... and wine list.  A great champagne but after that, AA is clearly cutting back on wine quality and wine budget.

Not a good sign when AA techs congregate at the front of the plane.   Tonight's issue is no IFE.  After an hour with no luck, the captain annouced that we are leaving without a fix.  #GoingForGreat once again.

After take-off, my usual G&T.

Showtime, AA style.

Mrs. SFO777 passed on all the starters and went right to the chicken, which looked (and apparently tasted) pretty good.

I always love a good movie while eating an inflight meal... but not tonight.  Think silent black and white movies from the 1920s.

My Lobster Salad Deviled eggs were tasty although a little bland.

The Tomato and Lentil Soup with grilled cheese "Crouton" was meh.

Horrible presentation but the Boston BIb Lettuce was quite good... 

... after I worked on it for a while.

For my main, the Slow-Braised Lamb Osso Buco was good although not as good as I remembered last year's version.

For dessert, I had lusted after the Warm Lousiana Praline Bread Pudding which I enjoyed on a previous flight.  Even mentioned it to our FA.  Unfortunately, said FA either forgot or didn't care, and claimed that only 2 were loaded and they were already gone.  And no sir, the Bread Pudding was not on the Business Class menu. So I was stuck with the Passion Fruit Mousse. Ugh. #GoingForGreat.   

With no IFE, I went to sleep... for nearly 7 hours.

On final to Heathrow, our classy First Class cabin with duvets and pillows just left on the counter at the front of each seat.  Seriously?

Not the best flight but heck, It's AA and the price was right.  But I was able to burn two SWUs to upgrade a cheap Business Class fare.  

The usual long, long T3 walk to Passport Control.   

Another lovely London weather day.  LOL.