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Spectacular Oia

After a good night's sleep we woke to a gorgeous Santorini morning.   With a view like this, what better place for breakfast.

After researching local tour guides, We decided to book a day with Santorini Photo Tours, owned by professional photographer Olaf Reinen.  Originally from the Netherlands, Olaf grew up in New Zealand and now lives in Santorini and Crete with his wife and son.  Not only does Olaf know the best places in Santorini for photos, he shares his photographic knowledge to help make you better photographer.   Mrs. SFO777 decided to take the day off and just relax in our suite, so it was just Olaf and me today.   We started in old Oia.

Lots of touristy shops and restos on the main "street".

But the real story is the breathtaking vistas just a few steps away...


From Oia, we drove to the south end of Santorini to the town of Megalochori...

And then to seaside lunch at Asterias in Akrotiri.

After lunch, a short walk to Red Beach, ignoring the No Entry signs.  LOL.