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United Premium Business Class to LAX

Less than 5 minutes from the hotel, back at the P4 AirTrain station... 

... and Terminal C, the first stop.

Since the United Club converstion to Polaris Lounge had not been completed, we headed towards the C124 club.

We never got to United Club, since it's not very good anyway and we figured that the food and ambiance would be better here.

My quiche was excellent.

At around T-60, we headed over to our C102 gate.

Not sure what the idea here is, but all of the traditional gate seating is gone, replaced by work/resto type table.  OK.

Newark EWR to Los Angeles LAX
United 1244
May 18, 2018
Seats 3AC

I'd rather fly have flown JetBlue Mint or American Flagship First from New York, but it just seemed more convenient to stay around Newark despite the free Emirates limo service to anywhere in NYC. Plus the price was surprisingly reasonable.  Only $660 per person, or in our case, 33,000 Amex points after the 50% rebate.  Plus we earn miles for the flight.

On board, a dated but comfortable international Business Class product with lie flat seats.

Cool retro amenity kit box...

... but with little more than garbage inside.

Today's menu...

The starter tray. Surprisingly the garlic bread even tasted garlic-y unlike other UA garlic bread offerings I've had. The starters were pretty weak...

Salad with Asian Ginger dressing was OK.

But the smokey chicken, fennel and apple. Yuck. Who thinks up this stuff?

On the other hand, the Seared Beef Short Rib was substantial and very tasty, with bordelaise, goat cheese grits, carrots and parsley.

Perfectly moist. Mint it's not, but probably the best US3 domestic meal in months.

Sundae in nice looking logo'd glass with chocolate sauce and Ghirardelli white chocolate chips. No glass chips.

Snack basket offerings set up in front of cabin. although Miss Classy in 1A tossed her garbage next to the basket. Also, not sure about having cheese out and open to the public.

About 90 minutes out, FA passed thru with a selection of weak looking wraps and sandwiches.

We arrived at LAX 30 minutes early and with little traffic on the 405, were home in Newport Beach by 2pm.  What a fast but wonderful trip to London and gorgeous Santorini.  Thank you for following along.