And back home to The OC

Back to The OC

With an 11:30am departure, we checked out of the Jacquard just before 9:30am, topped up the gas tank at the airport before pulling into the Avis return lot.   This Avis facility was suprisingly busy so much so that there were at least 30 customers waiting at the bus stop for the next shuttle bus.  Ugh, so much for social distancing here if we even made the next bus, which wasn't anywhere in sight.  Fortunately, I remembered an Avis email about their $35 Curbside service to the terminal.  Time to see if it works.

I asked the check in rep who told me to just turn on my hazard light as he scurried off to find a driver.   Less than a minute later, an Avis rep greeted us, hopped in our SUV and drove us to the terminal and directly to the United Premier Access door.  Wow.  OK now that was defiinitely well worth the $35.   Inside the terminal, it was pretty busy.

Although security was not that busy, especially so at the PreCheck lanes.

Oddly enough, we're off to the A concourse where it looks like UA has just two gates, A31 and A33.  No idea why since I can't imagine that all the B gates were being used.

John Wayne SNA to Denver DEN
United UA 551
July 26, 2020
Seats 2EF
As at SNA, the gate area was very relaxed with plenty of room for social distancing.  Gate agent reminded everyone that masks must be worn to board and in flight, and that we would be boarding from the rear.   Load factor today was higher today and again all but two of the 12 First Class seats were occupied.   Boarding began promptly at T-30 with GS, 1K, active military and First Class.  Board was very orderly with a complete absence of the pre-Covid gate lice.  As on Thursday, the plane was spotless.   

Today, each First Class seat had a mini bottle of Dasani.  Also, some pre-departure entertainment as 3A asked for a PDB and then griped when FA told him no PDB due to Covid. He wouldn't let it go. She'd finally had enough when he asked “do I get a discount?” and called a DEN UA supervisor to come on board. Asked him to deplane. Five minutes later, no doubt after a facts of life lecture, he was back on board. He was pretty docile after that. LOL.


A different version of of the snack box today with only one spread instead of three, and two breads instead of two.  Go figure.

We arrived at John Wayne around 10 minutes ahead of schedule.   The terminal was much less crowded than Thursday when we left.

The walk to the Terminal A garage.

Only $62 for 3+ days is much better than $40 a day at LAX.   Outside, hardly any cars or people on the departures level.

My favorite part of John Wayne.

We were home by 1:30pm and I even had time for my regular 6+ mile walk/run around the hills and horse trails of South Orange County.

Thanks for following along.  We really enjoyed our weekend in Denver and getting back on a plane.   I was really impressed by how positive and appreciative that UA employees were, how clean the planes were and how comfortable we felt as a result. After this weekend, I now feel totally comfortable flying pretty much any where and getting back to normal.