Matsuhisa Denver

Dinner tonight is at another of our old Denver favorites, Nobu's Matsuhisa, in Cherry Creek just 3 blocks from the hotel. 

Matsuhisa cocktails to start.

Food tonight was simply spectacular.  Starting with the spicy shrimp crispy rice.


Maguro tuna.  And spicy shrimp rolls.

Eel and avocado rolls.

The soft shell crap rolls were divine.

Lobster tacos.  Out of this world.

And the delicious Mixed Green salad with the amazing Matsuhisa dressing.

The Gyoza was heavenly.  4 Wagyu beef and 4 Lamb.

And a little tempura, asparagus and shrimp.

For dessert, Nobu/Matsuhisa mochi.

And chocolate lava cake with Thai green tea ice cream.

What an absolute delight.  One of the best meals of the year.