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Hélène Darroze at The Connaught

Dinner at Michelin 3 Star Hélène Darroze at The Connaught

Dinner tonight in London was at Michelin 3 Star restaurant Hélène Darroze at The Connaught, located in our hotel. It’s a gorgeous restaurant with some of the finest service I have ever experienced. What a delight to spend time with the mostly Italian waitstaff. Truly 3 stars. But the food?  Not so much.  My 7 course tasting menu wound up being more like 11 or 12 courses. Food was generally very good, just not amazing and indeed there were some misses tonight. Apparently, I’m not a big venison or raw prawn fan. The wine pairing was outstanding and generous… far better and more generous than the insulting wine pairing at @lebernardinny in New York last month. 

Our amuse bouche platter was really tasty.

Tonight's Taste of Autumn menu...

Torbay Prawn, Peter John II - Devon.   with radishes, finger lime and voatsiperifery pepper.   Way too raw for me.

Jerusalem artichoke.  Benoit Quiviger - Brittany.  Guanciale, Buddha's hand, Kenyan Estate coffee.  Excellent.

The foie gras was fabulous.

Creative butter duo.

Lobster... Phil Trebilock - Cornwall.  Tandoori spices, carrot, citrus, coriander.

Turbot, The Duchess - Cornwall.  Turnip, razor clams, chanterelles, yuku kosbo.   This was actually a mistake serving but quite good.

Scallops with truffle.    Too raw again and even the truffle supplement couldn't save this one

Venison Wellington.  Rhug Estate Farms from North of Wales.  Bispi cabbage, quince, grand veneur sauce.   Meh, not for me.

Desserts were all outstanding.  First was Vanilla Tahiti with corn, banana, mango and lime.  Fabulous.

Now this was a most impressive wine tasting spread at a nearby table. 

Signature Baba.  Wonderful.

Instagram video of our dinner at Hélène Darroze.