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Singapore A380 Suites to Singapore

Frankfurt FRA to Singapore SIN
Singapore SQ 25
12:30pm-7:00am +1
October 12, 2022
Suite 2F
We boarded at around noon and I took my assigned 2F this time, as all suites were occupied.  I prefer the row 2 suites as 1A feels claustrophobic on take off and landing as you look at the bulkhead wall and there is no easily viewable window.

Todays's menu.

Love the Singapore Satay.  

For my starter, I went with the celebrity chef's Beetroot Stained Smoked Salmon.  This was just plain gross and inedible.  There is a reason there are not a lot of German restaurants outside of Germany.

For my main, the Kai Yaang was tasty, Thai style grilled marinated chicken with dipping sauce, vegetables and fried pineapple rice.

Nap time and I slept for 5 hours.

Time for a mid-flight snack.

The Egg Noodles dish was bland and not very good.

Next I tried the Gourmet Cheese Plate... LOL.  This looked more like something that you'd see on American Airlines

A couple hours later I tried the Oatmeat Banana Pancakes.  It was OK but I was hungry who knows how good it was.  I wouldn't order it again.

We arrived at Singapore just over 12 hours after departure.  As usual, SQ inflight service was excellent.  Sadly, the food on this leg was mostly mediocre.

My Instragram video of our Singapore A380 Suites flight from Frankfurt to Singapore