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Singapore First Class to Los Angeles

Singapore First Class to Los Angeles via Tokyo Narita
With no escort for FIrst Class passengers, I made my own way to the gate and cleared security before the queue go too bad.

Singapore SIN to Tokyo NRT
Singapore SQ12
October 14, 2022
Departed 4/4
Nice four seat cabin but starting to show it's age.  And not nearly as private or as nice as Air France or Emirates.


My cabin mate did the Dom vs. Comtes taste test.

Not very impressive meal service this morning as SQ serves only breakfast on this 6 hour 9:30am departure.  Despite the fact that a meal isn't actually served until closer to 11am and everyone HAS ALREADY HAD BREAKFAST IN THE LOUNGE.  Cheap.

Fortunately, I had Booked the Cook and enjoyed my Chicken Rice.

The worst part of the day was the absolute mess that is Narita.  Despite the same plane and 90 minute stop at Narita, all must deplane and go thru security.  Singapore made no accomodation for the 4 First Class passengers and we were shuttled like cattle in a maze around Narita.

That and the new Gate 31 is a mile from any lounge.  

Tokyo NRT to Los Angeles LAX
Singapore SQ12
October 14, 2022
Departed 4/4
Mercifully back on board.

The always yummy SQ chicken satay.

At this point, I just wanted to sleep.  And did so for nearly 6 hours.   Woke up hungry.

Lobster starter.  Looked nice but was pretty bland.

My 2nd round of Book The Cook Chicken Rice was very good.

Really?  Fruit?

And cookies for dessert.

We arrived LAX on time but not sure I'd go back to Singapore Airlines for a while.  While inflight service is always wonderful, cabin crew can only work with what they are provided.  SQ's cost cuts are obvious with mediocre food and apart from the champagne, Business Class like wines.  And the Narita "connection/security" debacle is not something I would endure again.  What put up with that crap when I can choose Emirates and Air France from Singapore.

Instragam videos of my day with Singapore;

Singapore First Class to Narita

Miserable security check gong show at NRT

Singapore First Class to Los Angeles