American First Class to LAX

American First Class to LAX


Unlike last month, today's flight departed from Gate 22, the most remote and inconvenient gate in Terminal 3.   The long, long walk...

London LHR to Los Angeles LAX
American 109
777-300ER (77W)
January 14, 2018
Seats 1G and 1J 
And there was the most incompetent doc check staff and procedures.  Three agents with two of the three agents bogged down with ticket issues with a 4th guy just standing there.  Meanwhile, 15 Priority passengers wait.   The clueless agent in the middle kept calling up passengers from the non-Priority line, until I yelled at her and asked "why the hell are you not processing Priority passengers?"   That outburst got her attention and moved the Priority Line.  It also earned me extra security questioning.  

Mrs. SFO777 had boarded 20 minutes earlier while I went back to the main terminal (that's a long story for another time).  Cabin pics from last month.

The usual classy AA First Class suite, packed full of pillows and duvets.  I tossed them in the overhead, where they all should have been in the first place.

By all means, let's not even unwrap the amenity kit.  

My view most of the flight.  Who needs a curtain?

Today's menu...

And wine list, which continues to be just about the only impressive thing about AA International First Class.

In the air, showtime, AA style.

The Lobster starter...

... was quite good once tossed with dressing.

The Jerusalem Artichoke Soup was tasty.

Salad was OK.

But the Barbeque Short Rib of Angus Beef was really disappointing.  Terrible cut of mostly fat.

The Victoria Spice Crumble was quite good, although a little more crumble would have been nice.

Still no curtain...

The again, not much difference even with the stupid sheer curtain.  Unlike the 77W last month which had a solid curtain on this side.  Nice job on a consistent hard product AA.  Oy.

Around 90 minutes from landing, our snack was the Spaniard Gourmet Hot Dog.

Now, that's a hot dog!

Unlike last month, a rather mediocre and disappointing flight.  But the good news is that we arrived some 40 minutes early and a Gate 41, which afforded a quick exit as we used the T-4 CBP station.  Thank you for following along on this nearly 2 weeks saga.  We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to beautiful Israel and hope to return some day.