There is an airline worse than Air Canada

Athens ATH to London LHR
British Airways 631
January 14, 2018
Club Euro-fraud
Seats 4AC


Mea culpa, mea culpa.  OK, sometimes I try to overthink things and try to get too cute.  But this was a really bad idea.  I went for the cheap ATH-LAX-JTR rountrip alternative and got burned big time.  I naively figured how bad can 3 hours in BA Club Europe be when I get First Class from LHR.   How bad?  Really bad.  Especially when you can't get the bulkhead.  So bad that it nearly drove Mrs. SFO777 to tears.  OMG, the profanities were rolling as well as the choice one liners.   

O.M.G.  "I am so sorry" sweetheart.  :eek:

30" pitch is not Business Class in any book.   This is disgraceful. 

We haven't even pushed and someone is very unhappy.  "This should be illegal" and "who do we sue?"  were a couple of the best lines.  And then to make matters worse, a 30 minute ATC hold.

The safely announcement was funny but it only lasted a few minutes. 

Hopefully, she'll keep sleeping and forget we're in this piece of crap tin can.

Jeez, that's a long way.

Time for breakfast, which BA is not yet charging for in Business.

While Mrs. SFO777 slept, I had the English breakfast. 

It actually wasn't that bad and it killed three minutes of this flight to eternity,

Despite the late departure, we arrived on time and taxied to Gate... zero as in no gate, or rather a Terminal 5 bus gate.   

Since we needed to transfer to Terminal 3, this was actually convenient as the transfer bus departed from the same location.